HMS Alliance was completely shrouded in scaffolding for over a year. The main 80.00m long structure was designed and completed in traditional tube and fittings with Presco adjustable transoms to help facilitate access to all areas of the submarine.

Haki System materials were utilised to complete the remainder of the works, a Hakitec 750 duo-pitched roof was chosen to provide a temporary cover for the duration of the works because it can be tailored to any structure, is lightweight, safe, fast and easy to erect. The roof provided an extremely effective weatherproof seal and was able to accommodate planned and unplanned openings to the work area as required. Haki stair towers and loading bays were used to provide access to the works for operatives and materials.

The completed structure was ‘shrink wrapped’ to provide a complete containment solution for main contractor ML (UK) for the duration of the works.