Commercial scaffolding services

RBS Scaffolding Ltd are experts in commercial operations and recognise that experience and reliability are the key to a successful project.

We are able to call upon fully qualified structural engineers to provide clients with bespoke, detailed and risk-assessed design drawings in 2D and/ or 3D dimensions. Our highly qualified, directly employed workforce receive thorough training in a vast variety of areas, and have the skill to ‘think outside the box’. They regularly provide innovative scaffolding and roofing solutions to the challenges faced by clients. Our flexible workforce enables RBS to go the extra mile to meet customer needs and carry out commercial projects that our competitors would find hard to facilitate. We will liaise with you from the planning stage through to completion and at every stage of the project you can be confident that we have the knowledge and resources available to ensure that your project is completed safely and to programme.

This page features just a small sample of the diverse projects RBS have been privileged to have worked on in recent years.