The M27 smart motorway scheme stretches from junction 4 (M3 Interchange) to junction 11 (Fareham), and will directly connect to the M3 junction 9 (Winchester / A34 Interchange) to junction 14 (M27) smart motorway scheme. The scheme is 24km (15 miles), and all links on the M27 between junction 4 to 11 will be upgraded to smart motorway, dual four all-lane running. The hard shoulder will be retained between junctions 7 and 8.

The scheme will involve:

  • permanent conversion of the hard shoulder to create a fourth lane and changing the junction slip roads to accommodate this
  • new CCTV cameras and electronic information signs and signals on gantries – these will show variable mandatory speed limits and manage traffic flow and incidents
  • emergency refuge areas throughout the length of the scheme
  • the hardening of the central reserve and installation of a reinforced barrier to improve safety